Announing Pinky Penmark Speaks, L.L.C.

Introducing Pinky Penmark Speaks, L.L.C.

This New Venture Made Possible By You

Your tireless and unending support of Pinky Penmark and Robert Shaffer over the past two years have not only helped her/him overcome colon cancer but has allowed for the creation of this new business venture which will offer expanded services to the non-profit community while also giving back to  local non-profits in the Tampa Bay area at the same time.

Thank you from the bottom of "our" hearts!

Pinky & Robert

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Click on the Community Grants button below to learn more about the program which begins in January 2019. And also, don't forget that advertisements on Pinky Penmark Speaks and Pinky Penmark Blogs benefit local non-profits, so if you see an ad offering something you might be interested by all means click on it.

Your click will directly benefit a local non-profit!

About Pinky Penmark Speaks

Pinky's advisory quote of the week; inspiration.

A to Z: From C Robert Shaffer to Pinky Penmark Speaks


Pinky Penmark was originally created as a one-time artist/character for the Metro Health and Wellness Gala in 2016. In November of 2016 after the urging of a friend, she re-emerged on to the St Pete scene to lend her talents and voice as Host for Bingo4Charity at Punky's Bar and Grill each Wednesday night.

After more than a year of hosting Bingo4Charity and a decade of volunteering with numerous local nonprofits including St Pete Pride and Empath Partners in Care in February 2018 Pinky planned to turn her lifelong passion for following politics into an informative political blog covering the 2018 Midterm Elections from an LGBTQ+ perspective. The information, opinions,and issues talked about on her blog at  were going to offer a unique perspective of politics to the LGBTQ+ community, a point of view the LGBTQ+ community can rarely find on their current news source.

Sadly, life intervened and the complications of treatment for cancer forced Pinky to slow down, simplify and scale back her life in January 2018. She would no longer host Bingo4Charity and the political blog was put on an indefinite hold.

Now, Pinky has decided to return to blogging in May 2018 after returning from her medical hiatus. However, the blog is changing focus and will allow Pinky to have the same creative outlet without the associated stress of the deadlines involved in a political blog.

The tag line in the header of the new Pinky Penmark Blogs reads as follows:

  • “Pinky likes to talk, and Pinky loves to write. And, Pinky has an opinion on just about everything. Sometimes Pinky's opinion is well thought out, informed and based on research, facts, and maybe even an interview. Other times Pinky likes to simply comment on items of the day or tell you about her day. And, occasionally she will have an opinion so strong on a topic that it seems her world simply stopped until she crammed her superior opinion down your deplorable throat.”

 Pinky Penmark Blogs is accessible on and also directly at .

Announcement artwork for the all new Pinky Penmark Blogs

Pinky Penmark Blogs launched on Mother's Day

The original plan was for Pinky Penmark Blogs to debut as a political blog from the LGBTQ perspective, but due to a medical crisis of Pinky's the blog was retooled and relaunched on Mother's Day. Occassionally, the blog still focuses on politics, but generally features LGBTQ event news, opnion pieces, day in the life of Pinky segments, and profiles of local non-profits. It's less politics, more Pinky and no deadlines.

Pinky Penmark Speaks exists because of you.

Pinky Penmark came to be for one night only and the welcome and constant encouragement from the community grew Pinky's appeal until an idea formed for a business based on Pinky Penmark that would use its profits to give back to the community.

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The Sophomore Year of Come OUT St Pete is almost here!

Our 2nd Annual Facebook Birthday Fundraiser held in July and benefiting the Event Volunteers of Come OUT St Pete raised $550.00. Thank you all for once again making my birthday fundraiser a success.

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser Results

Your support of our fundraiser is allowing Pinky Penmark Speaks, L.L.C. to make a $550.00 donation to Come OUT St Pete in September.

Pinky penmark not only speaks, she's returned to blogging

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